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Routing audio from pc to ipad ?

can anyone explain how this is done? it's driving me crazy trying to figure this out.should i be using iconfig or auracle?


  • It's very easy with Auracle. Just read the section on Using Two Computing Devices in the Auracle online manual.
  • first thing i did was check the manual,thanks for responding rodney.

    • Outputs 1&2 from the Primary DAW are always routed to the Analog Outputs of your interface

    • Outputs 3&4 from the Primary DAW are routed into the Secondary computer / iOS device

    • Outputs 1&2 from the Secondary computer / iOS device are routed back to Inputs 5&6 on your Primary DAW

    i'm not getting anything from the 3&4 outputs going into ipad or vice versa.

  • Hmmm... that's weird. What iPad app are you running it into?
  • beatmaker 3,and live 9...i can see midi transmitting signals ,but no audio.
  • Which interface are you using?

    You might be best sending in a support ticket so we can get to the root of this better.
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