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Audio 2+ Setup Help Needed

I would like to use my Audio 2+ as an effects module AND with Korg Gadget. I am running cables from my Roland MX1 Mixer Aux to the L/R analog inputs - this is for the effects aux. In the device, I want that signal to run through some FX AU3s in Aum and then back out 1/2 Analog Outs where the effected signal will be fed back into the MX1 aux return. 
I also want to run Korg Gadget on the same iPad in a seperate channel in AUM, with the output going to analog out 3/4. That signal will go to my Roland TR8 and fed into the auxiliary in jacks so I can piggyback the TR8 audio back into the MX1 mixer via USB as well as use the FX and side chain on the TR8 for the Gadget audio. 

No matter how I route it I can't get it to work the way I want. I am not getting a signal via 3/4 analog outs to the TR8.

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