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PA12 - what do the touchscreen LED's really mean?

Can't find it anywhere in the manual, but what do the touch screen LED's really mean?

If a channel LED is off, is the channel off?
Why can I select a channel, click on volume, but then both can't see the volume or adjust the volume?
Why is that the same for gain?
Why is this not covered in the manual?

Why is there not a big bright light that lets you see which computer audio is active?
Why is there not a bit bright indicator in the Auracle software, or any indicator, that shows which computer audio is active?

I've been running Qlab presently and haven't done enough tests to trust the autoswitching. So far really liking the interface, except for the above questions and confusions.

Please help


  • The touchscreen LEDs simply select what function the knob will control, or act to switch various other functions on and off. Their functions are explained on pages 12-14 of the PA12 user manual.
  • Thanks, Rodney, but your answer and the  PA12 manual still don't answer my questions.

    I just took a look through the audio4+ manual and it does answer my questions.

    Specifically, it states that gain isn't really gain but 'gain set mode', or just a different way of displaying the volume level. I couldn't find that in the PA12 manual and have been scratching my head as to what this possible gain was, is it digital gain of the output, was it changing output between line and instrument level? 

    Could you do me (and probably everyone else) a favour and copy over the section from the audio4+ manual into the PA12?
    It's clearer.

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