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iConfig Showing Old Version After Updating

edited May 2015 in Software
I've never downloaded anything but 4.0.2 4.0.3 and the current 4-1-0 but my iConfig Help -> About says 4.0.6. Does anyone else see this?


  • Attach a file, doesn't seem to work for me in your forum. google-chrome.... Uploading 141Kb file forever....
  • Sorry, the forum's upload feature stopped working at this time (out of our control until an update from third party).

    Anyhow, when you download and install new versions of iConfig, are you replacing older versions? The software installer will not replace old versions for you, so I recommend dragging the icon to the same folder as the previous application to replace. You may have multtiple version on your system.

    If needed, you can delete all previous iConfig versions, then grab the latest from the site:

    Let me know what you figure out.
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