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Network connection unstable


Here's the second issue I have so far with my new iConnectMidi4+. The ethernet connection seems unstable: for instance, I can't manage to get a sysex bank dump to work, it aborts in about 2-3 seconds. I use a software editor for one of my synths, and the software frequently turns into "offline" state. Doesn't happen if I connect over USB. This is a Windows laptop, ethernet cable to Apple Time Capsule router/switch) (no internet acces), ethernet cable to iConnectMid4+. Ant thoughts?



  • That's odd. We will investigate.
  • I'd guess that the RTP-MIDI connection is sending the Sysex data so fast that the processor in the MIDI4+ simply can't cope. If you are doing a dump from a MIDI player or something like that, try slowing down the speed if you can.
  • Sounds plausible. Unfortunately it's the synth's software editor that uses sysex to grab the banks from the synth, and I can't control the speed from there!
  • Damn, that's annoying, but if it's buffer overflow on the processor we might not be able to fix that with the current hardware. We will see what we can do.
  • I'm having another issue that might be speed-related. I use several (well, two for now, 3rd one is on the wishlist) Eventide devices. These can all be controlled, edited and configured in the Eventide H9Control software, which is really great, and speeds up the workflow quite a bit. That software is also necessery for registering and managing licenses and FW upgrades. Th issue I have with the iConnect midi4+ is that the devices are recognised (and fully working) only when they're the only eventide device on the midi network. If I plugin more than one, the second one isn't seen by the H9 software. I had some connection issues where frequently the connections timed out altogether, resulting in a time-out warning and often the device froze until I unplugged the USB connection physically. That was on a Windows 8 PC, which gave me so much hasssle that I went mad and ditched it , migratiting all my audio stuff to a Lenovo laptop running Win10 I use normally for my photographic adventures. No more crashed and hangs on the software side, but still freezes on the stompbox side when launching H9control with two devices patched in. THIS does not happen if I uses a simple UCB 2.0 hub. This really seems to happen on the iConnect4+ side. Sometimes I get a time-out message messing up the serial number of a device with the name of another, like : Unable to establish connection with the Pitchfactor serial number TFxxxxxx where TFxxxxx is the serial of the TimeFactor that is also on the chain. (Tiumeout after 5 tries) I should mention that the Eventide stuff is reputed being rocksolid . Is there anything I can do to help debigging this issue? (Using Din or USB doesnt matter, I even tried all sorts of combinations to no avail)

    Anny suggestion is welcome
  • Sounds like the Eventide boxes aren't sending unique IDs via USB-MIDI. You might want to contact Eventide about that and explain the situation.

    Our USB-MIDI Host port can ONLY recongnise information sent that is USB-MIDI class compliant. If the box sends any other type of USB data it gets ignored.
  • You mean sysex unique ID's? They do. The boxes are USB midi class compliant (they work on any iOS, mac OS or Windows withou needing drivers). They work OK when just connect the hub directly into the computer. Not when I use the iConnect4+ with more than one box connected. If only one is connected, everything is perfectly fine, so the iConnect4+ is able to handle the communication protocol.
  • Hmmm. This might be connected to a bug in Auracle that we are currently fixing. We should have a new Auracle version out this week, let's test that and see if it helps.
  • I did try Auracle once but found the feature set too restricted for my use, (I'm not a "set-up wizard guy", I'm a techy) so I use the Config software instead.... I have done a factory reset since. Thanks for your implication and responsiveness, I appreciate that. Hope we will manage to sort this out: I am building a live-rig for improvised music, and the Eventide boxes are quite essential tools for the sounddesign. They are very complex though, and the H9 control software is not only useful in this context but it adds specific features like a gyroscopic x-y pad which is great when performing live. Without it, given the complexity, I would need to pre-program to many things. I will not use any software sequencer or instruments; and allow only some control software to be present on stage like the H9Control or the iConnect configuration sofware, preferablably only running on a touchscreen tablet such a an iPad. BTW, I find the iOS iConnect interface very difficult to read, especially in a stressful situation. I could easily do without the colorscheme, I'd prefer a more informative and  sober presentation..... Once assimilated the philosophy of the interface (the default naming is logical but confusing at first) , I find the iConfig desktop version to be very  easy to understand. Anyway, it's all cool stuff (I have been a MOTU guy for decades, I hesitated a bit for this particular supercompact project but don't regret my choice). Have a nice day!
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