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iC4+ inconvenience: switching usb cables Firmware update


I am a new user of iC4+. 

A thing that bothers me is that a firmware update needs your PC to be connected to USB1 port, which is the only port for power supplying the iPad.

For convience sake it would be much better in my opinion that firmware port PC and power supply port iPad are not the same port. Then you don’t have to switch cables and reboot iConfig.

Perhaps this issue has been mentioned before in this forum, don’t shoot me, I’m new here :)

Love the iC4+ btw :)


  • You are right. This was fixed in the new MKII version of the iCA4+ :-)
  • edited October 2018
    At first I had no idea what you are saying, but after some intensive googling I think I understand, but I am still not sure.

    I see three options about the meaning of your words:
    1. You are building a new improved version of the iCA4+
    2. Your words are meant as some sort of joke
    3. None of the above

    I guess it is not option three. If it is option two and the meaning of your words is a joke, I don’t understand it. If it is option one I am not that happy that I just bought the ‘old’ version. Old or not old, It nevertheless is a great product. 

    Now I am doubting again if it is meant as a joke. I am thinking now it probably is. But if it is a joke, then you don’t think my issue is that serious, which wouldn’t be very customer friendly. I am not saying my issue is of great importance, but it is a small but relevant issue in my opinion. No, it probably isn’t meant as a joke. is a joke, but you also think my issue is relevant.

    In short, I have difficulty interpreting your words. 

    Greetings, Marcel
  • Or did I buy MK2?? How can I know? If so, what implications does that have? In what way is the manual wrong? The front and back panel differs between my device and the manual. Confusing.....confusing....confusing. Hope I don’t have to rebuild my presets. Some relevant info would be appreciated.
  • There is already a MKII version on the market. The front panel is different in that in the MKI version two of the inputs are preset to Line level and the other two are preset to Instrument level, and are labelled as such. On the MKII version they are switchable, and don't have those labels.
  • Ok, thanks, that means I have MKII cause there are no labels above the 4 input ports. Still wondering which USB port (in MKII) charges the iPad, is it USB port 2? The manual says port 1. 
  • Ah, turns out I was wrong. On the MKII port 1 is still the charging port. We wanted to change that to be the way you mention but because of the original design it turned out not to be possible :-(
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