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Inline 30-pin cable question


is the inline 30pin cable equivalent to the apple camera connection kit? My Eventide devices work with the ACCkit (so says the user manual), would they work with the iConnectivity cable? . I hoped I would be able to order my interface with the cable included, but I wasn't offered the choice so I got a lightning cable I have no use for :-(   I wouldn't want to get another newer iPad just to be able to get the editing software to work and I can't seem to find a ACCkit from a reliable vendor over here, looks like this is obsolete as hell. The iConnectivity cable is a bit pricey but still a lot less than a used iPad4 or up.....



  • That might work, but we can't guarantee it or support it. We don't have those Eventide devices to test, so you are on your own there...
  • edited October 2018
    I managed to find  a 30pin iConnectivity inline cable for 20€ instead of 50€ (which I would never have paid anyway, sorry but that is WAYYY overpriced), but unfortunately it doesn't work to get my Eventides recongnised by their control software on the iPad. So I'm about to get the recommended-by-Eventide Apple connection kit. Just one last question (hoping this will be the last post on the subject before reporting "success"). Here we go:

    -given that Eventide recommends this, and users have succefully reported plugging multiple H9 compatible devices in the iPad using a regular USB hub into the Apple connection kit;
    -and that the H9 software DOES recognise external midi input and can route that input to the connected H9 devices;
    -and that basically I need midi clock to and CC's to get TO the devices but need nothing FROM the devices;

    I thought plugging in a hub in the iPad, plug in the devices AND a iConnectMidi4+ device port into the hub.

    So the H9 devices will use their USB ports solely for to communicated with the Control software (recommended), and I retrieve Midi Clock and CC messages from the iConnect USB device port.

    Would that work, I mean would this physical connection be OK for the Midi4+? Will the USB Device ports be recognised? Edit: sorry, stupid question, I was of course able to check this on my laptop and it works perfectly well there so it should on the iPad. The hub is not an issue. This is good news for many H9 users.

    Thanks, and sorry for the hassle .....

  • I managed to find  a 30pin iConnectivity inline cable for 20€ instead of 50€ (which I would never have paid anyway, sorry but that is WAYYY overpriced)

    I totally agree, unfortunately we have to pay licensing fees to Apple, so very little of that 50 bucks goes into our pockets :-(

  • I have proper USB support on my 2 years old entry level android smartphone using a 5€ cable I bought in my local supermarket. Oh well, that's Apple. They know how to enrich themselves.
  • Oh, that made me try something: it took me 5 minutes to start playing a DX7 emulation using an app on my Android Phone, using that 5€ USB-OTG cable, plugged into a device jack on the IC4+, and had pristine sound with no noticable latency coming out of my Soundcraft mixer, via it's USB interface and a Windows laptop running Waves Multirack using Asio4All to aggregate the IC4+ audio driver and the Souncraft ASIO driver. Basically, that means connecting that low cost Android phone directly into the top-notch Soundcraft converters without any intermediate DA/AD conversions. My Novation keyboard's midi output routed to the Android USB port, via the IC4+ as well, of course.

    Now isn't that cool! Well done guys. This little box rocks. Please don't abandon the iConnect software before having ported all it's features into that Auracle app! This was quick and easy now that I understand the workflow and I would absolutely not want to deal with wizards and the like.... And this box is a keeper, I'll be using it for the years to come for sure. Don't let a random Windows update make that software obsolete.... I can't even switch off Windows update anymore, I got a screen saying "Windows is a service, we're now updating the functionalities" and that was in the middle of a show, so basically they do with my computer whatever they like.
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