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Audio into PA4+ and out PA12?

Is it possible to build a rig with a PA12 and a PA4+ to act as one unit?

Specifically, can you route inputs into the PA4+ and then out the PA12 outs?
Does this increase latency?
What is the likely latency ranges for this setup?



  • Yes, that's possible on a Mac, and we have several artists using exactly this system. It will obviously create extra latency, because every time you do any kind of digital/analog conversion there is always latency. However it's impossible to say exactly how much since that is highly dependent on your computer system.
  • Thanks Rodney, I'll see if I can pick up a PA4+ to try the system out. Right now I've a rack with a pair of 2012 mac minis with ssd as my travel/show rig. I'll have to see how fast this will play, typically I can get around 10-15 ms delay with those machines on their own. At double the delay it would become too slow to use musically.
  • Well, like I say, we have quite a few people using this system live for autotune or guitar FX, so it seems to work for them...
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