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Dead DIN Ports on MIDI4+

I am not getting any MIDI Output from DIN Ports 2 and 3 anymore. Is there anyway to test the hardware? I am positive that the routing is correct because I have successfully used the preset before. I am running the latest firmware and I have tried doing factory resets and nothing works. I am able to get output from DIN1 and DIN4. I can also route MIDI from the MacBook pro to a PC and route audio back.

I get very weird results using the free MIDI Monitor software to spy on MIDI output. It detects activity on the MIDI DIN jacks that are NOT working but does not show any activity for the MIDI DIN jacks that ARE working. Go figure. 

This is driving me crazy. 


  • Install Auracle, upgrade the firmware to the latest version, and reset everything to Factory Defaults. See if that solves the problem. If not, send in a support ticket.
  • I don't think you read my post very well as I am already using the latest firmware. Auracle royally screwed things up. Totally messed up my routing. There should be more detail in the "you should use if" section of the manual. I did not like the software it was too simple in terms of it's capabilities and it does not tell you what it is doing under the covers. I went back to using the old software. Factory defaults made things even worse as it routes to different default ports with the new firmware. I do not think the old software is complicated but the manual still has the same errors it had in 2016. You need to fix this. I will send in a support ticket.
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