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iPad not recognizing iConnect Audio4+

My iPad pro does not recognize that I have plugged in the iConnect Audio4+.  The lighting cable is connected to the iPad and the iConnect (I am getting power from the iConnect), but all of the sound comes out of the iPad internal speakers.  When I open AUM or Audiobus, the only hardware input available is the internal iPad microphone.  The iPad also does not recognize any MIDI signals from the iConnect.

It was working earlier this morning, but seems to have gone away for no discernible reason.  I have tried resetting iConfig software to factory defaults, rebooting iPad, plugging and unplugging lightening connection.

I am running the last firmware on the iConnect and use Windows 10.  I am able to use all of the hardware synths I have connected.

Do I have a bad lightening cable or USB Jack?  Has anyone else experienced (and hopefully fixed) this problem?
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