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Mio 10 dropping notes on some Din Ports

Disclaimer: i am already in touch with the support team but wanted to get some feedback if anybody else had a similar issue. Also: i really like the mio 10 so i hope my issue can get resolved.

The issue is this: my sequencer is going into the mio 10 via Din Port. This signal is then routed to ALL Din ports. The issue i am having is that ports 1-4 drop notes randomly when playing polyphonic patterns (more than one note played at the same time). Din Ports 5-10 work just fine and play without dropping notes. e.g. i have a drum-pattern playing and connect my drum Synth to ports 5-10 all plays fine. But on ports 1-4 notes are getting dropped randomly. This only happens when more than one note is played as far as i can see. So a kick or a clap just wont play, but next loop it will.

I have ordered a second mio 10 (this new one has a serial number just two up from the first one) because i suspected a hardware issue. But it is showing the exact same behaviour. I reset the devices back to factory defaults. Tried with and without the newest firmware. I also sent my pattern from my daw via usb to Din. It is always the same behaviour. On ports 1-4 notes vanish.

I really don't know what to do next. I sent back one of the mio 10 and am holding on to the second one for now. I just use ports 1-4 for monophonic instruments. And 5-10 for drum machines. If it stays unclear whether this is hardware or firmware related i will (sadly) part with the second one too.

Thanks for reading this thru (pun)


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