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Hi, I've been struggling for a while now to get iConfig to work with my Eventide pedals when these are connected over USB. I have not yet manage to get these recognised when plugged into the iCM4+ host port, so I have them plugged into a USB hub the into the laptop to be able to have their software editor (H9Control) to well, control them.
I've been scratching my head for days now to figure out what goes wrong here: either the H9 contol software doesn't find it's devices, or the iConfig software starts and  doesn't find the iCM4+, and this has driving me mad for days. I finally figured out that the Eventide boxes instantiate a midiport of their own (one each) and these seem to be mono-client. BUT the iConfig software insists on opening them when starting up and looking for a iConnection device. And hangs in a loop because it can't open them, if H9Control is already running. And the other way round, if i start iConfig BEFORE H9, the Eventide ports remain open and it's H9 that can't find it's devices.

Is there a way to tell iConfig to release non-iConnection ports if it doesn't find a iConnection device attached to it? My bootsequence is now: start the system, start iConfig (it connects to the box after a (quite a long) while, then unplug the Eventide boxes (thus releasing the ports), plug them in again, then start H9Control. Now everything works. But that's a tedious procedure, I really would like to eliminate this hassle (but quite satidfied I finally figured that mono-client root-problem out)


PS The Eventides don't have a powerswitch so I can't just power them up once iConfig has connected to the iC4+. They power up when I switch on the UPS the whole rig is running from.


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     Rodney please, I'm living a freakin' nightmare because iConfig absolutely wants to open the Eventide ports to look for whatever, and H9Control doesn't let them go so iConfig reports that it can't open those ports and won't start. But these ports are non of it's business! I just can't use your box when  there are Eventide devices attached to the system even if they are NOT connected to the iCM4+ but on a hub of their own. I need them attached because I need them to sync with the global clock. Please explain! Maybe are there some hidden Windows settings in device manager? This is driving me mad. Thanks in advance (and no, I will not use Auracle until  it's completely finished)
  • I honestly don't understand what you are describing here at all. Please contact support.
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