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Can't get audio into WDM Line In on the PC on USB2

I feel like maybe I'm missing something simple but I can't for the life of me get audio to the line in device that is created in Windows for PC 2 (Line (iConnectAudio2+ D2). If I route something in iConfig to 1 and 2 on USB 1 it feeds the audio to the Line in device on PC 1 no problem but if I route the same exact thing to 1 and 2 on USB 2 I get no audio going to it in Windows.


  • edited November 2018
    A little more info:

    I know audio is going to it on PC 2 because the ASIO In 1 and 2 is showing the audio properly on PC 2. I've checked the properties of the device in the sound control panel and the levels are at 100. 

     I've attached my patch schematic. The green is the one that works fine and the red is the one that doesn't (only for the Line In but ASIO works). USB 1 (ToxBox) is Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1809 and USB 2 (Plex) is Windows 10 x64 Home Build 1803.

  • I've also submitted a support request yesterday on this. Hopefully I can get this fixed and report back here if there's a solution I overlooked.
  • Uninstalled the universal usb driver and reinstalled on the problem PC and that resolved the issue.
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