Missing some DIN port any idea how to extend the number of DIN ports ?

As many of my friends we do like the flexibility of the iConnectMIDI4+ but we still have a huge number of vintage synths to connect and the only way is to connect them with DIN plugs.
When you have 10 to 15 synths to connect in MIDI what solution do we have?
the iConnectMIDI4+ provide only 4 In/Out DIN MIDI sockets which is not enough to connect 10 Synths.
Do you have in mind to develop some kind of Optional extension (could be connected via Ethernet, USB,...) with 8 In/Out or more DIN Sockets, I am pretty sure lots of people could be interesed by such product.
Companies such as KissBox are developping Ethernet to MIDI products already but not sure it could interface properly with the iConnectMIDI4+.
If you have any other solution to propose please do so.


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    Hey Fred - thanks for writing to us.

    You could always use mutiple iConnectMIDI4+ units to acheive this. If you wanted, you can also have up to 8 extra MIDI ports by connecting class compliant USB-MIDI devices to the 'Host Jack' on the back of the iConnectMIDI4+. That could be another iConnectivity MIDI interface if you wanted, or any MIDI I/O that does not require special drivers. That would be ideal for a live situation.

    For studio use, most DAWs allow you to use multiple MIDI hardware at the same time - just make sure to enable them in the software MIDI preferences.

    Hope that helps your decision.
    Let us know if you have any other concerns,
  • Hello
    If I need to add iConnectMIDI4+ I would need 4 or 5 units just to use the DIN plugs which I think is not really worth the money !!!
    As you suggest why not making class compliant USB-MIDI with 8 in and 8 Out ? which can be pluged in the USB Host.
    I am pretty sure it could fit in 1U (Half rack as the iConnectMIDI4+ (size)
    I have bought the iConnectMIDI4+ mainly to avoid using other MIDI interface at the same time in order to manage the MIDI on one single unit (management software).
    It looks like I should have take MOTU like units instead !
    You have done a great peace of hardware/software with the iConnectMIDI4+ the type of Ports (Ethernet, USB Host, DIN, ..) shows the flexibility of the interface but apparently not as easy as that to expand..
    If you have any other solution to propose I will be greatfull to ear about them.
  • I hear you saxfred, but this is how you would expand any interface rig, unless you were chaining them (like some FireWire inerfaces and a few USB out there in the market).

    I'm not sure if there any any plans to make a 8X8 MIDI I/O at this time, although that would be a nice addition to our MIDI line. The iConnectMIDI4+ is very competitive as far as MIDI I/O pricing goes and then you get all the extra goodies (many 4X4 MIDI I/O only products were in the 170-200 USD range) . You can always just get the biggest MIDI I/O you can find and use it with your iConnectivity hardwre of choice - but I'm not sure of everything you are trying to acheive outside of getting more MIDI DIN connection for your external DIN gear.

    Appreciate your feedback. Let me know if you have any other concerns,
  • If I had 12 vintage synths with MIDI DIN IN/OUT only, and my only mission is to get them connected “directly” to a iCM4 (with no PC,MAC, iOS or LAN devices helping out) and also trying to obtain a separate port per Synth (not just a single channel), then my "iConnectivity only" option would be to buy 8 Mio 1x1 USB MIDI Interface and then connect all of them to a powered USB hub attached to the iCM4, for the other four Synths I would connect to the MIDI ports on the iCM4. The 8 Mio 1x1 will go for ~$288 + taxes, but also I would be probably saving a about a third of that by not having to buy MIDI cables (depending on my setup), so maybe this is will cost about ~$288 + plus the USB hub, which total cost over 1 extra iCM4. Using only iCM4 for the setup will take 2 extras + plus USB+ MIDI Cables.

    All depends on what you are trying to achieve. One potential problem that I see with these setup above is that as I read in one of the manuals, the iC products do not distinguish multiple devices when they have the same ID (for example two Mio 1x1 USB MIDI Interface).

    Maybe iConnectivity should find a solution for this USB limitation in general by adding something that distinguish each USB device, Or in the case of their own devices add serial number to others interfaces like the 1x1 Mio 1x1 USB to make it a better solution for adding extra MIDI ports as needed on a iCM4 or iCA4 using the 8 available USB MIDI ports.
  • Thanks for your input @Leyend.
    Much appreciated!
  • But why would you need a separate MIDI port for each synth? Why not use MIDI THRU?
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    bblix, daisy-chaining (what you're saying) is the way most people would do it. I think Leyend was saying *if* - or really IF - a big if!

    The quasi-ironic thing about the vintage synths is that it took a few years after MIDI started (1983) for interfaces with more than two I/Os to appear, and even two wasn't standard! In fact, Atari used the single built-in MIDI interface as a selling point for their computers. Everyone daisy-chained their instruments in those days.

    [Complete tangent: I had to build myself a MIDI A/B switch to select either my MIDI keyboard or my drum machine as the controller going into my hardware sequencer's single MIDI input (because I liked playing in drum parts from the machine's pads rather than using its pattern sequencer). :) ]
  • I know, been there, done that :-) I've been in the MIDI game since day 1, worked for Roland at the time MIDI was introduced.

    We even made a video @ Roland Scandinavia, in Norwegian only, about the possibilities it opened. Check here:
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