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PA12 - Not seeing output 13 in DAW

I'm using Ableton Live 9.  I have the PA12 selected as my audio output device but I'm only seeing channels 1-12.  I don't see channel 13 available to assign the lifesine tone to.

Now I should say I only have 1 laptop connected to USB-A of the PA12 at the moment.  For output 13 to show up, does another laptop HAVE to be on USB-B?  Or should output 13 always show up?

I think it would make sense to not allow automatic switching if you don't have anything on it makes sense from a design point, im just curious if that's the case?


  • I was able to figure this out and wanted to post this for others who may have similar issue...and it has nothing to do with whether USB backup B has a computer plugged in or not.

    I stumbled across the FAQ about the PA12 switching over too quickly and how to adjust it.  At the bottom of this FAQ page there is a comment about output 13 not showing up in DAW.  The solution is to open iConfig and change the PA12 from "2in/13out" to "2in/14out".    This solved that issue and channel 13 appeared in Ableton after that.

    This created another issue which was quickly solved.  Now that Out 13 showed up, I assigned the LifeSine to output 13 but PA12 did not arm itself.  The solution was to close Ableton and reopen, try again and it worked to perfection.  I must have had Ableton open while making changes in iConfig or something.  

    nevertheless, it is working now and is Armed every time the LifeSine hits output 13.  Working great.
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