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Monitor midi data between two devices

Hi all,

Using the Midi4+, is it possible in some way to monitor data between a device connected to HSTx port and a connected PC via USB or ethernet?

Let me explain :).

I have a Midi4+, with a controller on HST1, a Windows PC on USB3, and some other stuff, not important now. I would like to mirror the midi in and out data between USB3 and HST1 on another USB/Ethernet/Midi port. This way I can see how a program is communicating with a controller. Hopefully in order to figure out how to write my own program to control the controller.

Is this possible someway? Thnx!


  • edited November 2018
     Route HST1 to USB3-HST1 (and vice-versa, standard routing). Run MidiOx on the PC and monitor HST1. I don't see why you would need to mirror (merge and re-route) data to another port and monitor that stream.
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