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I've had it with the iConnectAUDIO4+ pure junk.


Just wanted to say I've had it with this piece of crap.
I know you're a small ambitious company but for 3 years I tried to make this thing work and frustration after frustration, now I discover that the 4th input is fried. I had never used it and it's just fried.
Not working.

I know I'll never get my money back but boy, this is the nastiest piece of equipment I've bought in 20 years. Never a single instrument, audio card, audio interface, keyboard, guitar or anything has had me hating a company so much.
No amount of customer support can undo what I've been through.  I understand that in manufacturing some lemons may slip by the cracks of quality control but this huge turd of equipment is beyond redemption.

The software, Jesus... nothing works as intended, the USB inputs also gave up on it so no iPad / iPhone input.
I got an emergency Behringer 404 a year and a half ago and even sodding Behringer!!! did this better at a fraction of the price I am speechless...

Good riddance.
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