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Audio skipping issue

Hello, I am new to this so please bear with me. I am using an iConnectAUDIO 2+ that is connected to my sound board. I am using the interface to connect my iPad to it so that I can stream live video for my church service. I am using a mevo camera for my video. The camera connects via bluetooth to my iPad. I am using the lightning connector for my audio input from the iConnect device. Lately, I am having my viewers tell me that the audio is skipping when I am streaming. Is there anything that I could look into that could be causing this issue?

Thank you


  • It's highly unlikely to be the AUDIO2+. More likely to be some weirdness in combining the Bluetooth video signal with the audio inside whatever streaming app you are using. 

    You are also likely to be getting significant latency in the Bluetooth stream, which may well lead to your audio being out of sync with the video. Again, not an issue of the AUDIO2+.
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