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Can My iConnectivityMIDI4+ Support All My MIDI Gadgets?

Almost seems like a rhetorical question, which I know is a resounding "YES" so I'll just assume for now that I'm missing something in the mix. OK, so here's my rig:
iMac running macOS Mojave (10.14.1)
Yamaha Motif-Rack XS running their Editor software which requires a USB connection
Alesis Keylab 88 connected via USB
TC Helicon VoiceLive2 connected via MIDI or USB
iConnectMIDI4+ with routing setup as follows:
iPad4 is connected to the front port via proprietary lightning to USB-A port cable
Standard USB-A to USB-B cable in the back port is connected to the iMac
5-pin DIN cables running from KL88 Out to iCM4+ Port 4 In, VL2 In to iCM4+ Port 3 Out, and XS MIDI In to iCM4+ Port 2 Out
On iPad, I am using the BandHelper app on iPad to send MIDI messages to various ports (all iCM4+ ports are recognized by BH)
I think that covers it...

BH communicates perfectly with with Motif Rack XS Editor via USB, but Program Changes are not being recognized.
If I switch the Motif to MIDI mode, program change events are recognized.
BH Program Change messages are only recognized by the VL2 if the USB port is disabled and the 5-pin DIN In port is used.
The Alesis KL88 communicates perfectly with the Motif Rack XS for note and CC data.

I realize that this is a fairly elaborate rig, especially with the BandHelper software being the ring leader. In fact, getting BH to successully send program changes to both the Motif and the VoiceLive2 is the only critical element at this moment.

Note that I am also seeking assistance from BandHelper (Arlo Media) and Yamaha, and will probably reach out to TC Helicon as well for the VoiceLive2 setup.



  • I use my VL3X in usb mode so I don't have to keep changing the internal setting, but I do have to move the usb to the mac when I use voiceconnect or VL3 Editor. No experience with BandHelper, I use OnSong for live changes. I am also exploring MainStage, but so far OnSong has what I need. To get my setup working I finally used iConfig, removed all the settings I wasn't going to use, and went one device at a time until I liked the way each one worked in my DAW and OnSong. Took a few days of playing around until I had everything robust enought to call it a victory :-).  Good luck! Blessings.
  • The issue would seem to be that some of your USB devices are not completely USB-MIDI Class Compliant drivers. If your MIDI device sends additional proprietary non-MIDI data via its USB port then that will not be recognised by the iConnectivity interface's USB-MIDI Host port.

    This is why, for example, the Motif has a MIDI mode and a proprietary mode - only in its MIDI mode is it USB-MIDI class compliant.
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