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Hi, brand new Iconnect Midi4+ user here.

I bought this device primarily for the filtering capabilities, I have a stack of DIN midi hardware in a live jam type of arrangement that all needs a tight clock signal, but chaining them together causes all kinds of interference problems.

So the first thing i'm trying to do is route one din midi input to all the din midi outputs, and filter everything out except the clock. I've tried both software but i'm using the iConfig application on Windows 10 because nothing showed up on Auracle to configure.

The routing menu is straight forward, but i'm having trouble with the filtering part. The manual does not go into much detail about what each global filter category deals with so i'm using trial and error to try and achieve a clean scenario where everything is kept in time without any other messages getting through.

Seems that 'time code' is not what the iconnect considers clock data, instead it's bundled into 'Real time events'. This is a problem because that category also seems to include start/stop events, which I presumed would be under the 'Reset Events' category, separate from the clock. Ideally they would all be separate, my config would be clock to everything, stop to everything, start only to the drum machine. That's what I was expecting to be able to do with the filtering tabs.

Some devices have sequencers and arpeggiators so they need clock, but having all the sequencers start in a live jam whenever play is pushed on the master device is a headache, especially when other people bring their gear to join a jam - In that situation I need a DIN midi out port to hand over to the guest which is filtered of everything except clock so they can keep their stuff in time and start/stop their sequences at will.

Am I missing something in the software or can the midi4+ not actually filter transport events separately from clock?



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    I've submitted the exact same issue for the exact same reason (not wanting everone to start as soon as the master device starts running) : midiclock** (not to be confused with timecode) is part of "real time events" which include the midi start-stop-continue commands (not to be confused with MMC commands) and it's impossible to filter them out in iConfig as of now. I solved the problem by slaving my Novation Remote25SL midi keyboard to the masterclock, and echoing the clock to one of its midi out ports, then slaving every device I want to control manually to that clock: it happens that luckily the start/stop/continue commands (midi #FA, #FB and #FC) are then filtered out. So I have now two versions of the clock running in my system. I believe that devices that support MMC are able to filter these messages out, because otherwise these would interfere with MMC commands. If you have one of those, you could give it a try. Otherwise you would need to invest yet another 200 in an independent midi master clock. Which almost doubles the price of the Midi4+. But it's a major inconvenience for sure.

    ** midiclock is a simple message (#F8) that is sent 24 times per quarternote. It was primarily intended to keep arpegiators in sync. It's not midi time code, which you probably never needed unless you were syncing to tape or video.

  • As Dirk points out, MIDI Clock signals are distinct from MIDI Time Code, with is also different to MIDI Machine Control. Three completely different things.

    The MIDI spec bundles MIDI Clock along with MIDI Start, Stop, and Continue commands, so currently our interfaces do the same, and filter all of those in one. However as we are currently working on implementing filtering in Auracle, we will look at ways of possibly changing that. Not sure yet if it's possible, but we will see what we can do. Until then, it's currently not possible.
  • Thanks for the responses guys!

    It's disappointing that the current filtering options group clock and transport controls together, I was expecting more granular filtering from the look of the midi matrix. I looked at the manual and some screenshots of iconfig before buying it and I assumed time code was clock unfortunately.

    It's really encouraging that you're willing to look into it, it would be a great feature and a good selling point. It must be possible if as Dirk mentioned some other devices can already do it. The Korg Monologue also has independent control over accepting or ignoring transport messages whilst retaining the clock, and yet the Minilogue and lots of other devices don't, this is why to me it's so essential to have the option to filter these out so that everything can play in sync without unwanted behaviors in a complex system.

    I'll keep an eye on the forums eagerly for an update!


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