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I'm getting a hiss/buzz from my MIDI4+

edited December 2018 in MIDI
So I just got my MIDI4+ and connected my Teenage Engineering OPZ from it's USB-C port to the MIDI4+'s USB A port. There is a hiss. Every time I unplug the MIDI4+ from the equation the hiss goes away. What can i do to fix this?


  • Also I tried a couple things:

    1. Turn down the mast volume on my analog mixer and the sound dramatically got quieter but was still there a little.
    2. I turned off the OPZ and there is still a hiss.
    3. I plugged into straight into my audio interface (bypassed my analog mixer) and the hiss got 50% quieter. 
    4. I connected headphones in and the hiss completely gone.
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