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mio10 4 port limitation via rtpMIDI

Hi - I've just bought a mio10 and having already owned a mio 4 where all of the 4 ports were available via rtpMIDI, I assumed that there would be all 10 ports available via rtpMIDI for the mio 10.  Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case as only 4 virtual ports show up in the directory.  I'd like to use a physical in and out port on the mio 10 for each MIDI device connected for ease of connection, is there any way of achieving this with only 4 virtual ports available or should I buy 2 mio 4s instead which would give me 8 ins and outs via rtpMIDI?  Any ideas welcome.


  • Because of the limitations on RTP ports the physical ports connected to them are doubled up - so in the mio4, DIN 1 and USB 1&5 are connected to RTP 1, DIN2 and USB 2&6 are connected to RTP 2 etc. Same goes for the mio10. 

    If you want more RTP ports, then yes 2x mio4 is a better bet than 1x mio10 That's what I would advise.
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