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Which Source is the Best Master Clock When Using My Interface?

edited June 2015 in Software
With regard to USB Audio, iOS and digital clocking, which device should be set as clock master?
Normally that is straightforward to answer - the clock closest to the AD or DA converter is the best choice, assuming the converter device is good quality.
IOW, the iCA4+ should be clock master for digital audio.
However, I don't know much about USB digital audio in iOS - is the USB stream re-sampled (and therefore also re-clocked) by the iOS device via ASRC?

Is there any circumstance where iCA4+ users would select an iOS device as digital audio clock master?



  • diggo, this is an excellent question. Generally all choices are good - we default internal because this is a clock we know is always available, regardless of what you plug into the USB ports.

    If you select USB Device 1 or USB Device 2 as clock master and do not have active computing device connection on the selected jack, then we default to internal as well - probably good to know.

    If you aggregate on your Mac or Windows, then it is likely a good idea to have the Mac or Windows machine as clock master.

    We continue to experiment to see if selecting iOS as clock master is good option.

    We welcome any observations and welcome others input on this as well.
  • When you read the discussions about syncing with IOS on the Audiobus-forum (, you have to come to the conclusion that an iPad or iPhone is not a stable clock master at all! Maybe a future version of Audiobus gets a steady reliable clock...
  • Thanks for the feedback on that @Haropus
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