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Connecting both iCM2+ and iCM4+ to the same PC is problematic

So, I have no problems routing audio to and from each device when either is connected, but when BOTH are connected to the same PC there's no sound coming through. I can still see the audio ports in my DAW, but there's no sound coming through from other devices (iPads) connected to the other USB jack. I'm using separate USB jacks on my PC, ie they're not connected to a USB-hub. I've always used the "internal clock" on my iConnect devices, but tried changing them to their respective jack that the PC is connected to, but still no sound. In any mode my DAW is really struggling and lags as well.

Have anyone connected more than one interface to the same PC successfully? I'd really like to get this working, as I'd planned this to be the center of my audio and midi connections.


  • Both should work fine together as MIDI interfaces, but running them both as individual audio interfaces using audio pass-thru is going to be problematic and isn't supported.
  • Ok, thanks for the swift reply and letting me know! Now I don't have to rip my hair trying to make it work! :D
    I will try to connect in other ways, I intend to use 2 PC's anyhow so shouldn't be too much of a problem to get something working.
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