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Auto-connect network MIDI session on a Mac

Hi,  I've been using the Mio 10 and Mio 4 for a while now.  I have just reworked my live rig with the Mio 4 and am using network midi from the Mio to my Macbook Pro (all latest software, but still High Sierra).  I am using all 4 network midi ports.  The issue is that every time I boot things up, I have to manually open up the audio/midi setup, select each network session, then choose the mio port, then hit connect x4!  Not a huge issue up front.  My biggest concern is if I have to do that in the middle of a performance.  I've had a crash before while performing.  Anything that can be done to speed up time to recover is priceless! 

I've seen a few comments online about using apple automator, or apple script to automate the reconnection,....really?  It's not automatic?????  Any help/pointers/advice would be greatly appreciated!


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