Programmatic control over configuration - API or Sysex?

Is there any way to upload/modify the configuration for a mio10 (or any mio device) without custom iConnectivity software (iConfig, Auracle)? Ideally this would be accomplished via sysex or even a REST API through the network port. If none of those options are available, can you publish the specification that iConfig uses to communicate with the mio device (technical documentation is fine)?

This would be of great benefit for projects involving very large and complex MIDI networks. Being able to remote control the configuration of a fleet of mio devices from a single integrated custom software application (that performs many other functions) would really be helpful. This is basically a systems integration problem, so looking for any options available.


  • You can export your settings from iConfig as a midi file containing sysex. File - Save Preset - Export As Midi
  • @RobinC Thank you for the information - I completely missed that. So is the sysex in that file defined in the "Common System Exclusive Commands Manual"?
  • Hi,
    I'm on music tour with a iconnect midi4+. I'd like to do a snapshot list with differents midi port routing, and control it from a midi controller to snap between a main laptop config & spare laptop config. I'm just loading the Command System Exclusive Commands manual & I find p118 a system to do a snapshot list & scene but I don't understand how to make. Can you help me ?thks

  • You can use SysEx. Just bear in mind that this isn't designed to be a real-time operation. And yes, it's all defined in the "Common System Exclusive Commands Manual".

    I may also have some other interesting info for you guys shortly...
  • thks in fact it's to slow to snap between two config quickly...Can we do expect a true snapshot system in iconfig ?
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    iConfig is now End of Life and has been open sourced to the community for further updates. So if someone wants to build that feature into iConfig, it's there to do. However I'd consider it difficult, because the interface itself simply doesn't have enough RAM to make it an easy or quick process.
  • @dulacguillaume can you elaborate on the difference between your two configs? There is a fine-grained sysex API for the interface that would probably allow you to do a "faster" config change but probably not real-time. If all you are changing is port routing, then you can make those updates with very specific sysex commands rather than flashing an entire snapshot. This is not trivial and requires some pretty sophisticated programming skills. A common MIDI controller will not be able to generate the sysex or compute the required checksums - you'll need a laptop, tablet or Raspberry Pi or some type of computing device. If your two configs are highly static, you *might* be able to save all the pre-determined sysex and just replay them.
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