Suggestion for a preset-switching via mid-note

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Hello, as the title says, I would like to suggest to make presets being switchable via predefined midi-events. This would be particularly helpful, as long as there is no i-OS iConfig. Alternatively it could be realized via combinations of the click-wheel and the touch-fields 1-4 on the iCA4+. (Perhaps 3 times click and choosing preset 1..4 on the touch-field.)

Of course, I don't know wether this comes into question at all, development-wise, it's only a suggestion, but would be very nice.

Kind regards!


  • Thanks for the feedback Bloom.

    Do you wish to access the presents via touch panel commands or are you thinking of sending MIDI messages from an external source in order to make the hardware respond?

  • Personally I would prefer the ability to assign midi-messages to a few presets, perhaps 4, or 8. It would be optimal to have a midi-learn function within iConfig. The learned messages could be assigned to certain presets, which are stored directly in the iCA4+. Could be somewhat like preset slots numbered 1-8 (for example) where regular saved presets can be assigned to. The presets in the slots are stored in the flash of the iCA4+ to be loaded directly via midi message.

    Only one scenario of course.

    Thanks for paying attention to my suggestion!

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    There has been talk to implement external MIDI control of the mixer and such.

    Unless you were using a SysEx string exclusive to the interface, that may be hard to do at the moment.
    Many time manufactures will use program changes to scroll through presets, but of course there are many program changes, CC, etc. potentially already running through the interface.

    Although, if external GUI control via MIDI is possible in the future, this type of additional implementation would be nice to see for sure. We hope to expand live flexibility in the future.

    We appreciate the input Bloom.
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    Being able to control the mixer with faders on my masterkeyboard would be indeed very nice. But ok - thats too problematic. So I'm looking forward to the i-OS version of iconfig. With two i-OS devices connected this would be very helpful.

    Kind regards!
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    Yeah, hopefully we can come through soon on that update for everyone. Here's the main thread on that, Ill update it there and we will post on social media when we have an official announcement on availability:

    Thanks for your patience in the meantime.
  • Bump.  And sysex would be fine with me.

  • Nice try on necro-ing a thread from 3 years ago :-)

    I can't comment on what this guy was talking about, I wasn't even at the company back then.
  • Ha, well, I’ll look for a more recent thread.  :-)
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