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IOS wake and crash

There’s something going on with the most recent updates of IOS connected to the USB device ports. My iConnectA4 seems to be sending the iPad signals that wakes it every few seconds, preventing it from sleeping. This causes the iPad to crash and restart eventually. I think it started with the more recent iOS updates (12.1>) and it happens on both the USB device ports. 

I was on the verge of painstakingly restoring my iPad, when I noticed that the problem was affecting both my iPads after a series of forced updates. It only  happens when they’re connected to iCA4+. Nothing else I have causes the iPad to constantly wake and forcing it to restart. Is anyone else experiencing this? 

Of course, it’s not a problem if you’re actively using the iPad, e.g. Cubasis, GB. Only when left sleeping to charge or inactivity. 

Please tell me I ain’t crazy...
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