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Audio 4+ device ports reversed

A couple of months ago I bought an Audio 4+ from iconnectivitys web store.
I have another unit I bought 3 or 4 years ago.
Yesterday I noticed an odd thing with the new unit. The labeling of the device ports 1&2 are reversed from my older unit. 
Does anyone else have this issue? Here is a photo. I’m wondering how I would test if the ports are accurate for charging or not charging.


  • Hi, 

    I'm an owner of a Audio 4+ for 2 weeks now and also noticed that the USB ports are mislabeled (in comparison to the manual). This problem and a few others drove me crazy the first days.

    When connected to the 2.1A port (the one with the PC symbol), my Ipad charges but is not recognized anymore once it's 100% charged. That took me a while to figure out...

    When connected to the 1A port with the tablet symbol, my Ipad pro 10.5 slowly discharges when running. So after a few hours the battery runs empty.

    How is it possible to sell something with such an obvious manufacturing flaw ?

    Also the IOS IconfigforAudio app only found the soundcard once or twice but that's another story...

    I have really mixed feelings about this product... When it works, it's great, but at a cost of a few compromises...

  • This is correct. We changed the ports around when we designed the Mark II version of the iConnectAUDIO4+. It's not a mislabelling issue.
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