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trying to record audio from iPad into Reaper or Audition


I have got my iPad plugged into the iConnect Audio 4+, (latest firmware installed) and my PC plugged into the other USB. I am playing a synth on the iPad and can hear it through the headphones which are plugged into the iConnect.
I am trying to record playing in Reaper and Audition, and have configured it to what seems to be correct. I have run Auracle and it seems to be happy, although can only hear it when USB1 is selected on the Master channel. I have tried recording in both channels, and using both Reaper and Audition, but they don't seem to detect any audio.

default input: Line (iConnectAudio4 + D2)   Default output: Speakers (iConnectAudio4+)

iConnectivity Asio Driver
inputs enabled

first Input : USB D2 ln1
last input : USB D2 ln 2

First output USB D2 Out1
Last output USB D2 Out 2

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, if anything?


  • figured out what the problem was - i had forgotten that for some reason the iConnectivity sends the audio out on channels 5&6.... changed that in Reaper and now it works!
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