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Auracle Audio Mixer Page - Link Stereo

edited January 2019 in Software
Hi. Just need to check I'm using the Audio Mixer page in Auracle 1.2.2 on Windows correctly. What does the Link Stereo button do? I'm using an iConnectAudio4+ and outputting to Adam A7X monitors. Should this be enabled or disabled when used for regular listening? I'd assumed it was just to allow a single knob to control both channels but the sound is drastically different with it set on or off. Thanks.


  • If you are sending stereo audio, then you should use the Link Stereo button. I'm not sure why the sound is "drastically different" though...
  • Thanks for the reply. Will leave it enabled. The output is far louder without it and less stereo field. That's the same whether it's a downloaded wav or from within Live etc. I'm using Sonarworks Systemwide and it's same behaviour whether that's enabled or bypassed too. 
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