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iConnectAudio2+ various issues

edited January 2019 in Audio

I've just bought an ICA2+.

I use Windows 10/Lenovo T440P laptop with Ableton Live 10. I've installed asio driver and Auracle, made latest firmware update. iPhone 7 Plus is also connected to ICA2+.

  • I can't direct monitor both laptop and 7 Plus at the same time, I have to choose between USB 1 and USB 2 devices in Auracle. I have to monitor iPhone though Ableton via ICA2+ inputs 5/6. Added latency.
  • iPhone 7 Plus is only able to use 1/2 audio output routed to Ableton 5/6 inputs. That seems not possible to route multiple audio fluxes. So why my iPhone shows 4 stereo pairs in AUM?
  • Ableton is not able to use multiple physical outputs with Auracle. So why multiple physical outputs?
  • Phones preamp is not very powerful, better HP sound level with ICA4+?
  • iConfig don't works, even after Auracle uninstall and registry cleaning: device not found, communication error. 

So if iConfig is not supported anymore, how I'm supposed to use all ICA2+ features reliably for years to come? As Auracle seems to not be a finished program, still in beta...

What am I doing wrong?????? Or perhaps I didn't understand the product capabilities???

Thanks in advance for help.

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