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linux broken???

I've used my MIDI+4 device for quite a while connected to my linux DAW.  Primarily to share MIDI devices. I never much used the audio capability but I know it worked.    Recently,   I think after updating firmware to 2.05, it has quit working completely with linux.  As a matter of fact when I plug it in to my linux machine it crashes pulseaudio so that no (normal) audio works.   I use fedora 29 and the convenience that the MIDI+4 has brought me for years is hard to live without.  

I think I've exhausted my troubleshooting thoughts and was looking for help here.  Possibly someone could verify general linux functionality with the latest firmware and such.



  • We don't officially support Linux, but we do try to make it as compatible as we can. I can't figure out what we might have changed in the firmware that could crash pulseaudio. Though having said that, things crashing pulseaudio is a pretty common experience on Linux, unfortunately :-)

    What firmware did you have installed before? Do you still have the previous firmware file so you can roll it back? That might help in troubleshooting.
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