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Logic X, IconnectMidi4 & external synths

Hi All, 

I am trying to set up my iConnectMIDI4 correctly with Logic X, UAD Apollo x8p audio interface and some external synths (Roland ju-06, Sh-01a and Sequential Prophet 6). These are all linked up via midi cables and I was hoping to get straight in to the ICM4 Auracle or the older firmware to get the box set up and then get things going within Logic thereafter. I have read various manuals and watched numerous youtube videos but I can't for the life of me fathom out how to get the set up working properly. 

Within Logic I can create a single channel that plays the JU-06 via USB but really I shouldn't need to do this, the USB hub should only be a power source for the Roland boutique's and the ICM4 should do the rest. This is getting very frustrating for me and I really don't know what my best bet is to get this resolved. I've messaged ICM4 support but not had a response as of yet. 

Would anyone be able to provide some pointers? 

Ultimately I need individual channels set up in logic that allow midi notes within the arranger to be sent out to external synths, with the audio then set out of the synths in to individual channels on the UAD interface. Would have thought this would be oh so straightforward for someone less stupid than me! 


  • You shouldn't need to do any setting up at all to make it work. It uses the Apple Core MIDI driver, so you just plug it in and the MIDI ports should appear inside Logic.

    It's usually a good idea to use Auracle to make sure you have the latest firmware update installed in the MIDI4+, but apart from that it should just work with your DAW immediately.
  • I have the MIDI4+ work to some extent as my midi keyboard (connected to the MIDI4+ via midi cable) is working, allowing me to play internal software synths within Logic. 

    However the external synth set up just isn't working. When I connect the JU-06 it just plays a really warped, distorted sound which doesn't accurately reflect the synth sound (I know this as I can connect the synth into my Mac directly via USB and get a nice clean sound). 

    I'm frustrated as I just don't know where to start with trying to resolve this as I'm not overly technical and I can't find a solution from the manual. I am in touch with support so hopefully they can help, but it is pretty annoying as I just want to get going with the new set up. 

  • When I connect the JU-06 it just plays a really warped, distorted sound which doesn't accurately reflect the synth sound 

    I'm confused by this - the MIDI4+ only sends MIDI commands, it's got nothing to do with the actual audio produced by the module. It can't make the sound distort.

    Are you connecting the JU-06 to the MIDI4 via the USB-MIDI port? If so, that won't work, since the JU-06's USB implementation isn't USB-MIDI compliant. See:
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