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Ok to use unbalanced cables/connections into the balanced outputs?

I know its probably a given in a modern Audio Interfaces, but I have not seen it documented anywhere for the iCA4+: is it OK to use unbalanced cables to unbalanced inputs from the 4 balanced outputs on the back of the iCA4+? If so please add it to the manual and maybe a FAQ on what you can plug into the output jacks safely.

I've fried too many things in my life due to assumptions.


  • edited June 2015
    Yes - The 1/4in outputs on the interface are balanced TRS. 95% of the time you can use a TRS cable on a TS input/output (although some hardware may give you connection trouble). You CAN use a TS cable on the TRS outputs that you wish to use for sends or monitors.

    There is no wattage or anything destructive when using TS and TRS cables and connections (it's just line level signal), so no worries there :)

    Let us know if you have any other concerns,
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