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iconnect audio2+ versus 4+

I researched that topic but wanted to validate my findings regarding the differences between the 2+ and  4+ 
Besides the obvious differences in hardware inputs and outputs , there seems to be a difference in the USB-midi port . The 4+ supports a USB hub while the 2+ doesn't .
Is this right ?

manyt hanks



  • Not exactly. The AUDIO2+ doesn't have a USB-MIDI Host port at all. The USB-A jack on the AUDIO2+ is solely for iOS connection. So if having a USB-MIDI Host port is important to you, then you definitely need the AUDIO4+.
  • Major flaw. I really like the bus-powered feature which the 4+ misses, but the fact that I can not connect (besides DIN) a modern USB/MIDI connected keyboard makes it worthless to me. But then again, 'buspowered' is probably the reason for absence of a USB/MIDI Host feature. The power has to come from somewhere, right?
  • edited April 2019
    The power has to come from somewhere, right?

    Yep. And we are already pushing it to the absolute limits to give it good preamps and full phantom power on both inputs (something that most other bus powered interfaces do not  do correctly BTW).

    But another issue is pure physical space. Squeezing in the special iOS circuitry that the AUDIO2+ has means just no room for the added USB-MIDI circuitry too. 

    I would definitely recommend the AUDIO4+. You get a full power supply, and you get up to 8  USB-MIDI ports if you stick a cheap USB hub on the back of it. It's well worth the extra cost in my opinion.
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