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Iconnect4 and playaudio12 latency

Hey, I have a question for the playback techs out there. Was wondering if anyone can help.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated 

Having trouble with Iconnect4 and Playaudio12 I’m having latency problems I’m having to set my buffer far as low as 64.  I have it set up in Ableton so I’m receiving audio for the iconnect4 and output audio from the playaudio12. When I switch the out put to the iconnect4 the latency goes away.

Anyone else experiencing this latency problems? is it a hardware configuration set up I’m missing or is it a ableton preference setting? I’m still trying to figure out the iconnectivity configuration software so it might be that.

My specs are

MacBook Pro

16 gig ram

Ableton 10

Latest firmware on the iconnects


  • More detail would be useful, particularly screenshots of your settings.

    Re the configuration software, if you are using iConfig and having trouble with it, try using Auracle instead, it's a lot easier to figure out.
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