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apply equalization to headphones only

I have an Audio4+ under Windows 10.  How can I adjust the equalization of my headphone response while leaving the other audio outputs as is?


  • I'm not sure why you'd want to do that, it's usually a pretty bad idea.

    But if you do, you'd have to use iConfig to split the output channels to have separate outs to the headphones and then set up and apply EQ to those headphone output channels in your DAW.
  • It's common in recording situations for the "talent" to want whatever sound helps them perform. Sometimes this can be solved by EQ'ing the headphone mix to, for example, up the midrange to bring out vocals, or bring up the kick or bass.
  • Yeah, I guess that makes sense. iConfig would be the solution in that case. Or a hardware EQ :-)
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