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All outputs play, no independent outs?


I just bought the Audio4+ and have been really excited to get one. Except I'm completely confused as to what's going on. I have 1/2 set as the output for Ableton but outputs 1-4 all play the same audio. If I switch to output 3/4 I get no audio. I'm so confused what I'm doing wrong here. I haven't messed with any settings and flashed the audio card back to factory default. Any advice? This is a whole other universe away for me, I use a UAD Apollo 8 everyday which is way more straight forward than this. What am I doing wrong? 


  • I think I figured it out. Once I labeled my USB device jacks under the Audio Info tab the audio matrix began to make sense. Now I can play audio from 1/2 or 3/4 when I have it selected. Noodling saved the day. 
  • Glad to hear you got it to work... would love to get more detail.

    This unit is many things... intuitive is certainly not one of them.
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