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Mio & Roland UM-ONE mk2

Hi !
Since a 'midi cable' bought on amazon for 5€ doesn't work with my Strymon Bigsky which send tons of sysex, I bought a Roland UM-ONE mk2, not the same price bu good quality.
I was surprise to find a CD rom with Windows drivers in. The Roland UM-ONE mk2 is supposed to be usb midi class compliant.
And indeed, after pluging it into the powered ush hub which itself is connected to my Mio 10, it seems to not be recognize by it. The hub led lights on (I've got 3 other midi devices connected to the hub which are working perfectly) but the Mio doesn't 'see' it. There is nothing on Iconnect software.

Is there some way to achieve a good operation between Mio 10 & Roland UM-ONE mk2f ?   -  -  THANKS FOR HELP  -  - 

PS : I don't want to install any "Unified USB driver for all current iConnectivity AUDIO and MIDI interfaces" because when I did that, it installed also some asio drivers which I really don't need : I've got only a MIO 10 from iconnectivity, no audio device and the iconnectivity asio drivers were annoying.

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  • If its not class compliant then it won't work on the mio10 USB-MIDI Host port, and there's nothing we can do to change that, unfortunately.
  • Thanks ! In fact, it has 2 funtion modes and one must choose the "tab" mode (for which, in the manual, they say this mode is for connecting to ipad device) in order to make it class compliant, the other "comp" mode is for "taking advantage of Roland's FPT processing technology which provides for faster MIDI processing speeds."
    But I didn't saw, in the manual that for having a midi class compliant device, one must choose "tab".

    Anyway... I gonna try that...
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