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MIO10 USB MIDI Question

I am trying to send MIDI sync, transport, notes and CC from a Novation Circuit to my iPad Pro running Gadget 2. 

The Circuit is connected by USB to a controller hub which is connected to the USB port in the back on the right (for hubs). 

The Circuit shows up in iConnectivity as a controller. I've turned on routing from the USB Circuit (2) to iPad Pro port 1. 

On my iPad, 16 ports show up in AUM, so I'm assuming port 1 is the port carrying the MIDI data per my setup.

Gadget is set to Auto for Midi Sync, so it should pick up any sync commands sent to it, start and stop and match the tempo. However, when I push play on the Circuit, Gadget starts but doesn't pick up the BPM and continues to play on whatever internal BPM is set. 

I've troubleshooted the issue by hooking the Circuit directly to the iPad by CCK and it worked flawlessly - so the issue is somewhere in the MIO10 data transfer.

Any thoughts on how to fix this? I can post a video if necessary.


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