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Connecting 2 iPads - Where to get additional iOS cables?

edited June 2015 in Audio

I would like to connect 2 ipads on the two devices type B ports.

I guess I need to buy an additional cable like this ?

What I want to achieve is to have one Ipad running some effects and synths, and on the other Ipad, a midi sequencer, and a looper.

And audio running between the 2 ipads...So capturing for instance, the audio of an Arturia Isem from the first Ipad, routed to loopy into the 2nd Ipad.
At the same time, a mininova hardware synth could send the signal to the first Ipad, with audiobus, insert an effect, and then redirect the audio signal to Ipad 2, to loopy, for recording...

All that is needed to get more stability with the audio signal...(too many plops and slowdown when running too much apps...)
Am I dreaming or ?...

Also, the midi should be handle between the 2 ipad ? I was thinking using midibridge for that...

Thanks for your help !


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