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iOS saved configurations not found

edited April 2019 in MIDI
Hi, I saved a couple of  configurations to my iPad (iOS9.5) in iConfig and when I want to recall them it returns "no files found". Where should they be and how can I recocer them? Thanks

EDIT: sorry, wrong subforum, feel free to move the topic to the right one!


  • I need this feature, because I use different routings/filtering in my live sets. Crucial when working with midi loopback! Did anyone get this to work? Is there anything I can do about it? A file should have been saved somewhere, but the Apple police doesn't want me to browse the contents of my iPad except for photos and videos. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Anyone? This should work, shouldn't it? A setting I'm missing somewhere?
  • Filed a support ticket. Maybe more luck there... :-(
  • Not much more luck, got a reply, software not supported anymore, maybe one day but not in the near future, so no answers to my question: "is this supposed to work at all?". I start to think we customers should try to raise some money and hire a programmer to sort out the few lasting bugs in iConfig and add some missing features now that the code is open source.
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