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Want to send midi data to ipad and record the audio of that in PC

I Want to send midi data to ipad and record the audio of that in my Daw on PC, but I don’t succeed.

I have iconnect audio 4+ and Studio One as Daw on PC.

I succeed in:
playing my midi keyboard and connecting it (via 5+6 in my PC Daw) with ipad, where I have the Nave synth active, and record the audio output in my PC Daw.

But I want to go a step further and send midi data instead of me playing. 

But there only seems to be a connection between PC and iPad via an audio track and NOT via a midi track....


Please some advice.
Is it possible?


  • edited May 2019
    Sorry, but the manual is too unspecific to be of great help (edit: it did give some basic help though in finding the solution) BUT I have just found the solution :)
    In Studio One you have to:
    1. Options > External Devices > Add > NEW INSTRUMENT 
    I called the new instrument iPad, set Receive From to ‘None’ , set Send To to ‘USB1’ (my iPad is on the usb1 port in my iConnectaudio4+), set midi channel to 1.
    2. Make new instrument track, set Out to iPad
    3. Make new audio track, set Input to 5+6 (to be able to do that you first have to: Song tab > Song Setup > Audio I/O Setup > Inputs > Add Stereo > click the 5+6, my choice is to make that the default setup by clicking Make Default).
    Midi data from the instrument track in Studio One is now send to iPad and the audio is returned to the audio track in Studio One. 
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