komplete Kontrol mk2 not shown as activate device in Mio10 display


MIO 10 seems to show all my (DIN 5-) connected 6 devices properly in its display. Only the NI Komplete Kontrol mk2 on DIN 1 is not recognized by Mio10.

I've learned, the patchbay would not recognize my MIDI Keys connected to the Windows PC only via USB. Therefore an extra DIN connection to the MIO10 was established like for all of my other devices.

After that KK mk2 was told bis MIDI-Ox to communicate via USB and MIDI Out simultaniously.

But even that die not help.

Are there any further steps neccessary I did not see so far or any known issues to my Individual hardware paired with the MIO10?

Many thanks in advance.


  • Thanks, but I might be misunderstood.

    Komplete Kontrol is connected to the PC by USB. Not to the Mio10 on its USB host port.

    There is no second USB port to connect Komplete Kontrol mk2 to any devices as the Mio10 by the way. The one that's there is needed for PC connection.

    Therefore my question is, for what reason Mio10 does not get any connection to and from the MIDI Keyboard KK mk2 via the connected MIDI cables.

    Thanks again.

  • I have the exact same problem..

    Just for fun, here is the NI response I got ...

    Yes, unfortunately you can't use the USB connection and the MIDI output port at the same time. The solution would be to create your mapping in the Komplete Kontrol standalone application, switch the keyboard to MIDI mode then connect the physical MIDI output of the keyboard to your MIO. You will loose the Komplete Kontrol integration but you will be able to assign channels to your external synths and to your VSTs at the same time. [/quote]

    In short.. you have 2 choices..

    #1 ... use the controller via the USB .. and you will not be able to plug it into the mio10 .. or the mio10 usb (becuase it does not allow the KK to connect to the computer properly)

    in which case it will pass all midi info properly to your computer and daw.. but will not work to control other units connected to the mio10


    #2 keep it in midi mode like this idiot says, configure it as just a "dumb" midi controller and route it through the mio10 .. keeping in mind you KK now becomes just an expensive SINGLE channel midi controller.

    Bottom line..

    I'm choked at iconnectivity because they never even bothered to address the issue, and wont even go out and buy a KK and troubleshoot / fix the issue.

    and NI because of their closed source driver and WIERD midi routing though the software basically wont work with anything but komplete. 

  • Unfortunately some controllers use more than just MIDI data to do the fancy connections they do. NI often does this. They use Python scripting to connect and the USB-A host port is only able to pass MIDI data.
  • Yeah, I'm replacing my KK because of this. I've never really liked the KK keyboard or the fancy integration, and I only have it because I didn't know much about this stuff (still don't if I'm being honest) when I bought it.
  • Well, I'm having to return an Arturia KeyLab MKII that I tried this weekend. There are too many issues when connected through the mioXL USB host ports. It seems like I might be returning the mioXL too. I need normal USB host ports for a lot of my USB MIDI capable devices and the mioXL "MIDI only" host port implementation is proving to be too great a problem.
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