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USB B to USB A --> CCK --> iPhone : No Audio Destinations

edited May 2019 in Audio
Hi guys, new to the forum. Just got my iCA4+ and I am using it with 2 iOS devices, USB-1 with the iConnectivity lightning cable into my iPad and USB-2 with the USB B to USB A cable that came in the box as well plugged into an Apple CCK and into my iPhone.

For some reason on my iPhone I can only access the iCA4+ MIDI ports and not the Audio Channels. I only see Speakers/Headphones in Audiobus, AUM, etc. If I replace that port's connection with the iConnectivity lightning cable, they show up. Note: I've also tested with the other (USB-1) port and in the same way with my iPad and see the same result.

Based on what I've read on here, there shouldn't be a problem going USB B to USB A --> Apple CCK --> iOS. What am I doing wrong?


  • Just to save some time.....   here is the answer you will soon receive:

    "Page XX on the manual should tell you this answer. Why would you want to do this? This is not something that is good to do when recording, and really .....  no one does this." 

    "Use Auracle which was designed to take care of all good and normal recording situations. We promise you... we really are pros at this."
  • edited May 2019
    I don't think I'll get that answer. It seems a lot of people are connecting to two iOS devices without two iConnectivity lightning cables -- in fact, in a few posts, it was recommended to not use two as that may not provide enough power to charge the second device.

    I think what I am doing is standard, no? I must be doing something wrong. 
  • **SOLVED**

    I figured it out! In iConfig, I had the iOS box checked. Switched it to Mac/PC and now it's good to go! :smiley:
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