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Using 3 or 4 mio10 units

I am replacing 4 Emagic MIDI interfaces (3 x AMT8, 1 x Unitor 8) with something more modern, more importantly something with support. Does iConnectivity declare timing specs for the mio10 (couldn't find them here)? If anyone has tried to use at least 2 mio10-units at the same time, connected to the same computer (for me, for now, Mac), what does it look like in Audio MIDI Setup? Are they grouped as a single larger interface, or are they presented as separate interfaces? The Emagic interfaces show up as a single 32-port MIDI interface, ie 32 INs and 32 OUTs. Makes labeling simple and easy to change when needed. Hints? Tips? It is said the Emagic interfaces have shoddy timing since Apple took over Emagic. MOTU and others are said to be better, tighter etc. Help if you can!
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