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Auracle Feature Request: (GUI)

It currently requires a minimum of eight mouse clicks to get from the opening screen to the mixer page. I would like you to consider adding, on the opening page, a quick link to the mixer page. The set up functions provided through those seven extra clicks are all good but it seems that having to open them all, only to bypass them because they're not needed "this time", is counterproductive.

I happen to presently be in a situation where I'm using, daily, the same interface configuration (inputs, outputs, everything but volume LEDs and controls). I'm also using the same audio inputs and the same MIDI inputs via both the DIN and mio connections. Provided that everything functions as the designers intended, all of the steps between the splash and mixer screens are superfluous to me when my usage pattern requires use of only the mixer page (and possibly the functions provided in the blue bar at the top of that page). It would be quite convenient to have a button on the opening screen which would take users directly to the mixer page. The function would be pretty much the converse of the back arrow on the mixer page which very conveniently takes you back to the opening screen.

I suppose one could argue that a set of quick-travel buttons to all pages being located on on each page might have some merit but it's actually just small bites today, thank you.

Thank you for Auracle; I've found it has reduced the brain pain I've experienced in trying, unsuccessfully, to be smart enough to use iConfig. I do appreciate the depth of control provided by iConfig but have wished for a simpler interface for basic home use. Auracle has provided that and I think the feature I'm requesting fits in comfortably with what I imagine was the intent of the application's development in the first place.

Kudos to your company for providing inter-connectivity between Apple and Windows hardware. I think it's a brilliant notion.

I use an Audio4+, mio and Windows 10

Thanks for listening


  • It currently requires a minimum of eight mouse clicks to get from the opening screen to the mixer page. 
    1. On the home page, click on Select Device
    2. You are in the Audio Mixer
    That's it. I think you are doing something wrong if you need 8 clicks :-)
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