Is iConnectivity Sysex passed through the MIO interface?

I have a Mio10.
I also have a MIDI2+ connected to the USB HOST jack of the mio10.

I can send the standard iConnectivity sysex commands (ex, GetDevice or GetMIDIPortInfo) to configure the mio10 without any issues from a PC. However, it does not seem that those commands are "passed through" the mio10 to the downstream (hosted) MIDI2+ device. When sending a GetDevice message (PID and SNUM both 0, which should discover all iConnectivity products in the network), I get the expected RetDevice response from the mio10, but the MIDI2+ does not seem to respond. Even if I map the PC's port to one of the input ports of the MIDI2+ (and an associated return path) and verify no sysex filtering is enabled, I still do not seem to ever get a RetDevice message from the MIDI2+. The MIDI2+ is operating correctly, as it will respond with a RetDevice message if I connected it directly to the PC (iConfig works, etc).

Is this expected behavior or have I made an error somewhere?

If this is expected behavior, then does that mean that I must attach all of my iConnectivity devices directly to a PC in order to manage them?


  • did you ever get feedback on this? Interested as well
  • From my testing, all iConnectivity devices need to be connected to the controlling PC. Sysex specific to the iConnectivity devices (such as GetDevice) do not seem to pass through. I would consider this to be something of a design flaw, but I can also see how it could lead to confusion. It does make managing a fleet of MIO devices more complex, however.
  • Update on this issue - The MioXL will pass iConnectivity-specific Sysex through on the USB host ports. For example, if I plug a Mio10 into a MioXL's USB Host jack, I can command the Mio10 through the MioXL. This is important if you only want to have one device connected to your control source (PC, Raspberry Pi, etc).

    I haven't tested DIN ports and RTP-MIDI(the preferred way to cascade many Mio units together for a large MIDI network) but I will get around to that.

    Commanding the MioXL itself is still an issue (see my forum post here: ) so hopefully we'll get some feedback from iConnectivity regarding the sysex command format for the X-series.

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