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2 x mio10 usb - OSX

Hi guys,

I am a long time MIO10 user and have seen that you can link two devices together. 

My question is - is it just a usb link between the master MIO10 and another unit?

How are they differentiated in DAWs will it be two clones of devices with the same names etc, will I need to go into I config and rename so you can tell which is which

Does anybody have a screen shot of how it will show within a DAW



  • You can connect 2 iConnectivity interface in the following ways:
    1. DIN MIDI - Run a physical DIN MIDI cable from the out port on one to the in port on the other.
    2. Ethernet (recommended) - Connect both interfaces into an ethernet switch then run ethernet form the switch to the computer for setup.
      Note: You will also want to connect a USB cable from the primary interface to the computer for setup.
    3. USB Device jack from primary interface to USB-A MIDi host port of the second interface.
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